InterCity Transport

InterCity Transport

SAPTCO operates a comprehensive network of high-quality bus services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Linking all major cities, towns and villages. Please refer to our destinations and schedule section for full details. You can book a ticket to or from any location by clicking here

Ticket Reservation & Payment Methods


You can book through:

Payment Options:

  • Payment by credit card or online payment channel (SADAD)
  • Cash Payment when purchasing the ticket from travel agents

Travel Documents

Make sure that you have the necessary documents while using one of "SAPTCO" buses.

For Saudis and Citizens of GCC Countries:

  1. The original copy of ID card.
  2. The original copy of the family card for companions.(in case the companions do not have their own ID card).
  3. The original copy of the Identification letter for students or a valid student ID card to take advantage of any free or return travel opportunities.
  4. The original copy of the Social Affairs Card for persons with disabilities. (to take advantage of any reduced fee in travel opportunities).

Citizens of Non-GCC Countries:

  1. The original residence permit or a valid passport for visitors.

Instructions and Advice

  1. All necessary travel documents should be kept with the ticket until the end of the trip and should be shown at the departure gate.
  2. Smoking is prohibited inside the buses.
  3. The passenger should check in at the travel stop or station at least 1 houre before the departure for intercity trips and 2 houres for International trips.
  4. If the customer is unable to travel for any reason, he/she can recover 65% of the unused ticket value.
  5. In case of ticket usage and the passenger desires not to continue, the ticket value or part of it is non-refundable.
  6. The front seats of all buses are reserved for families.
  7. Valuable or breakable luggage, necessary travel documents are the responsibility of the passenger.
  8. When reaching a station, the passenger should head to the luggage department to complete the luggage-related procedures before going to the departure gate.

Children Travel:

  1. Children under the age of twelve are entitled to travel at half the adult fee.
  2. Children under the age of thirteen are not permitted to travel alone.
  3. Children aged from thirteen to seventeen can travel alone after completing the guardian approval form.
  4. All Children must have an ID card to travel.
  5. Infants aged less than two years required a ticked which will be issued free of charge.

Travel of passengers with special needs

Travel Needs for special needs:

  1. Special needs travellers can travel with a companion.
  2. The companion's ticket should be used only while accompanying the disabled person.
  3. The original ID card and a copy of the disability identification card should be available.

Information on Luggage

  1. Domestic Trips  (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia )
    Allowed baggage information:
    Excess baggage:
    All passengers are allowed to carry 75 kg for a full ticket and 35 kg for a half ticket (for children from 2  to 12 years old), provided that the following are taken into account:
    1. One riyal will be charged for each additional kilo over the permitted weight.
    2. Maximum baggage dimensions are: 50 cm width - 90 cm length - 40 cm height.
    International Trips (Egypt)
    1. Maximum baggage dimensions are: 50 cm width - 90 cm length - 40 cm height.
    2. The weight allowed for passengers varies for routes to Egypt. Customers are allowed to carry 100 kg for a full ticket and 50 kg for half ticket, or as approved by the company, provided that the following is to be taken into account:
    - Three riyals are charged for each additional kilo over the permitted weight, or as approved by the company.
    Customers are allowed to carry one bag with them inside SAPTCO buses providing it does not exceed a maximum of 25 kg. Three riyals will be charged for each additional kilo.
    - Customers coming from Egypt (routes from Duba Port to Saudi cities or Gulf countries): Customers are allowed to carry 75 kg. Two riyals will be charged for each additional kilo over the permitted weight.
    - Passenger routes from Khamis Mushayt, Jazan, Riyadh, Dammam and Al-Ahsa: Baggage must be weighed and travel procedures completed 24 to 48 hours before buses depart at their scheduled times. Passengers departing from other SAPTCO terminals are requested to turn up 24 hours before their departure, or according to the local bye-laws relating to the specific marine carriers.
    Other international Trips:
    Customers are allowed to carry 50 kg for a full ticket and 25 kg for half ticket. Two riyals will be charged for each additional kilo over the permitted weight. 
    1. Each piece must weigh a maximum of 25 kg.
    2. The weight of carry-on bags must not exceed 7 kg.
    Prohibited baggage
    For safety reasons, SAPTCO prohibits the following materials:
    1. Thosee that are prohibited according to the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or other countries served by our buses.
    2. Firearms, ammunition, swords and knives.
    3. Explosives, incendiary materials, flammable materials, toxic materials, and compressed gases.
    Lost baggage policy
    SAPTCO recommends that its customers follow the following guidelines in the event that their baggage is mislaid:
    1. Refer the matter to the baggage services personnel at the terminus immediately on arrival and before leaving the terminal.
    2. Provide the baggage service personnel with necessary information, including the full name or any other names written on the baggage, as well as permanent and temporary addresses and phone numbers.
    3. Provide a description of the lost baggage, including its  color and shape according to the baggage identification guidelines available at the baggage service departments.
    4. Ensure that a baggage claim file is obtained, along with phone numbers of the baggage service departments at the airport, and the necessary documents to be used for reference when making inquiries.
    5. In the event that lost baggage is not found and it is necessary for the passenger to travel onwards to another destination, he can contact or review the baggage service personnel at his fional destination in irder for them to take the necessary actions.
    6. In the event of loss of baggage and loss of contents inside the bag, Saudi Arabia shall not be responsible for compensation for the items mentioned in the page of baggage packing instructions and the page of baggage information allowed when traveling.

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