How can I get assistance while booking online?

You can seek help while booking from the help links you will find in all pages. Should you need further help, you can contact the Customer Service Department.

How can I choose travel destination?

You will find all destinations under the menu of booking service. Simply, choose the city you wish to travel to.

What is paying online?

It is a service offered by Saptco to the visitors of its website who wish to book online in order to facilitate and ease the process of payment and issuance of ticket value.

What do I need to execute an online payment process?

To successfully complete an online payment process you need to have a credit card or use “Sadad” system.

Can I review the schedule of domestic and international trips?

Saptco site gives you the opportunity to review the schedule of domestic and international trips. All you have to do is to visit Saptco site on the internet and check your trip schedule.

Where can I get a ticket after I pay online?

After payment, e-ticketing will be issued so that you can review and print a ticket receipt through the site. A copy of the receipt will be sent to your e-mail.

What is the period of validity of the ticket for the transportation between cities?

E-ticket remains valid for the period of six months from the date of purchase.

What are the personal identification documents I should present while on board?

The passenger is asked to present all personal identification documents like passport, igama and national I.D.

Where can I buy the ticket from?

It can be bought online from the site of Saptco or through the self-service machines. You can also buy tickets by going to one of the stations or agents of the Company.

What is the allowed luggage weight per passenger when traveling between cities?

A passenger with full ticket can carry for free a personal luggage of 75 kgm and 32 kgm for half ticket. More than that will be subject to excess luggage system.

Are there special discounts for students?

Discounted tickets can be issued for students provided that a student shows a proof of affiliation to an educational institution and bring a copy of a document that proves this affiliation.

Is it possible to inquire about trips by phone? What is the assigned number of such contacts?

You can always inquire about any trip by contacting the toll-free number 8001249999. Answers will be given 24 hours.

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